National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

January is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Month- it is a key time to raise awareness and educate ourselves, and all our stakeholders about human trafficking.

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January is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Month- it is a key time to raise awareness and educate ourselves, and all our stakeholders about human trafficking. 

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, January 2024, culminates in the annual observation of National Freedom Day on February 1, 2024.

Mi Hub considers modern slavery to be a crime of great seriousness, not only in the UK, but also on a global scale. The crime is committed by exploiting a victim for someone else’s gain. Modern slavery is an umbrella term and can take many forms including debt bondage or bonded labour, forced labour, child labour, criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, domestic servitude, organ harvesting, forced marriage and state-imposed labour, all are underpinned by human trafficking which is the transfer or moving of those in situations of modern slavery or exploitation with the intention of exploitation for personal or financial gain.

As a business with increasing international presence, we look to not only adhere to and appreciate the standard of accountability set by the UK Government in the form of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, but also demonstrate our commitment to affect change within our global business and with our global partners.

Our approach is aligned to the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and reflects human rights as defined in the International Bill of Human Rights.

Mi Hub's evolving ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) strategy is centred around four pillars: Carbon, Environment, People and Governance, with our governance objective stating we will build strong foundations for a responsible business and tackle the following Social Development Goals:

E-WEB-Goal-08    E-WEB-Goal-12    E-WEB-Goal-16    E-WEB-Goal-17


As part of this objective, in 2020 Mi Hub joined the Slave- Free Alliance. The Slave-Free Alliance is a social enterprise and membership initiative launched by anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice. We recognised that we needed to be at the forefront of a global movement, demonstrating our ethical commitment to our workforce.


Slave-Free Alliance logo          Hope For Justice logo


The Slave-Free Alliance partnership will provide Mi Hub Ltd with support and guidance on our modern slavery strategy, business policies and access to remedy. During 2020 the Slave Free Alliance conducted a GAP analysis on our approach to modern slavery, highlighting areas of our business that could be strengthened and provided recommendations on how to action their findings. We have since been working through the findings and focused on developing our policies and procedures in line with the advice received. We are also considering ways in which we can take our relationship with the Slave Free Alliance beyond the GAP analysis and exploring different ways in which we can collaborate with them and the benefits that could bring to the people who work in our business and supply chains.

Slave -Free Alliance offers a wide range of services and access to its experts, including 

SFA services

We are continuously investing in our ESG strategy; and are committed to investigating and implementing initiatives that positively impact our people and planet wherever possible.

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