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Steeped in knowledge and expertise on delivering successful uniform solutions for people at work, the team at Mi Hub is able to solve uniform challenges through leveraging our vast experience across diverse sectors, both in the UK and internationally.
We are a financially stable business with a dynamic board who are committed to investing in the business and driving improvements, particularly strengthening our supply chain, ESG activities and continuing to develop our ecommerce offering to maintain our leading edge and deliver increased added value to our clients. 

Personalised Ready to Wear Uniform

Customise your ready to wear uniform from Alexandra and Affinity. Browse the range online, upload your logo, image or text, and receive your personalised garments through the post. 

Choose from embroidery or heat seal printing

Upload your own logo, image or text, or all three

Choose from a range of fonts and colours 

Preview and approve your personalised garment 

Bespoke Managed Service

Mi Hub brands can provide a bespoke experience that caters to the specific and distinct requirements of each valued customer. Our fully managed service is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, accommodating anywhere from 1,000 to over 250,000 wearers.

From design to delivery, we take care of the entire process, so customers can focus on what matters most - the business. Our expert team ensures that every detail is taken care of, so customers receive the highest quality products and service. With our Managed Service, customers can relax knowing that we've got it covered, every step of the way.

Self-Serve Online Ordering

Detail is our easily accessible online ordering platform that enables Mi Hub brand wearers to self-serve and order their uniform, removing the hassle of uniform management and creating a seamless solution from order to delivery.

Visual wardrobes 

Automated garment allocation management

Budget and authorisation controls

Wearer payments and central invoicing


Made to Order

Mi Hub brand managed service customers can utilise Alexandra's Ready-to-Wear range and Yaffy's garment range to customise garments as part of a full wardrobe order. 

Changing the base fabric or trim colour

An additional pocket 

Improved embellishment and personalisation offering 

Add a hood, belt or badge

Enhanced size runs

Special Measure

For managed service customers, a special measure can be made to meet the bespoke needs of individual wearers, including but not limited to

Sleeve, leg and hem length

Garment sizes that may fall outside of the standard range

Adaptive clothing for wearers with limb loss

Shoes for leg length discrepancy

Allergy Garments

For managed service customers, Mi Hub brands can cater for individual wearers with allergies and preferences. Garments can be sourced and made to omit either natural or man made fibres, including but not limited to

100% cotton garments for individuals with eczema 

Vegan and leather free shoes and belts

Vegan and wool free garments

We're committed to ESG

Mi Hub manufactures products globally and so is acutely aware of the potential impacts this may involve and is committed to our ethical compliance, sustainable initiatives and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme.

We are proud of our ESG ambitions and are continuously investing in this area; we are committed to investigating and implementing initiatives that positively impact our people and planet wherever possible.

Browse the Mi ESG Hub to learn more. Plus, sign in to view exclusive content and details about our objectives. 

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