Case Study

Royal Mail 

Our posties and Royal Mail colleagues are key members in communities up and down the UK.

When the iconic uniform needed a revamp, Mi Hub brand Dimensions were on hand to deliver.

At a glance

 14 year relationship

  122,000 Royal Mail wearers

  2,000 delivery locations


The new design, which retains the iconic Royal Mail red colour, is the first change to Royal Mail’s uniform in more than 10 years - colleagues across all Royal Mail functions have inspired the look and feel of the changes. 

The updated uniform includes new walking trousers, shorts, tops, soft shell jackets, gilets and headwear - to better reflect the demands of modern delivery rounds, including increasing parcel deliveries. 

It has been created by a team of experts in design, fabrics and product development, along with a leading specialist in biomechanics to take account of the highly physical work that Royal Mail posties do on a daily basis.

Royal Mail Garments
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The Design Journey

The design journey for the new performance range began in 2018, with extensive research taking place. Over 1000 colleagues had their say including what they liked, didn’t like and what they wanted and needed, across the country at uniform roadshows including Lincoln, Chorley, north London, Colchester, Barnsley, Burnley, Mansfield, and feedback sessions alongside our uniform supplier, Dimensions, and the CWU (Communication Workers Union) at multiple conferences including National, Women’s and Disability.

Dimensions team of specialists working in design, fabric, technical and product development collaborated on the range. Some of the team even went out on deliveries and shadowed colleagues to understand job roles and the complexity of the frontline workers’ roles.



We engaged with a leading Biomechanist to understand the relationship between clothing, and how the body moves and works. This lead to identifying Royal Mail Workers as "Occupational Athletes" for whom fit, fabric, comfort and function was key.

Two uniforms were designed, creating the best product fit for purpose for Royal Mail colleagues working both indoors and outdoors.

As well as being comforting and familiar, the colour is also practical, keeping Royal Mail staff safe by making them more visible on the roads.

Synonymous with the work they do, the iconic red wil continue to help Royal Mail deliver that all-important trust on the doorstep with their customers. 

The Performance Wardrobe is a result of extensive research and includes:

  • Redesigned & modernised fits
  • More female fit options
  • New fabrics
  • Innovative garments
  • Flexible layering system including base layers
  • Mechanical stretch trousers
  • Enhanced durability
  • Hi tech outerwear garments utilising VizLite®DT


The new look Posties 

Mark Coulthard wears a new uniform in Skipton, North Yorks., February 17 2021.

Mark Coulthard wears a new uniform in Skipton, North Yorks., February 17 2021.

New uniforms on display in Skipton, North Yorks., February 17 2021. L-R: Ben Gorton, Sarah Cox, George Oteino, and Jodie Pawson

RM colleagues Chay Jackson, Andrea Clark and Ant Thornton - Bristol-based trio modelling the new Royal Mail uniform.

Ben Gorton wears a new uniform in Skipton, North Yorks., February 17 2021.

Rachel Woods wears a new uniform in Skipton, North Yorks., February 17 2021.

What do the wearers think?

  • “It is crucial that we look the part and that we look professional, and certainly the uniform is a big part of that. Because it is probably the most visible part of being a Royal Mail employee.”

  • “I believe it’s important we look the part on the street as you’re representing Royal Mail. The branding stands out. It’s important we keep up with that reputation and our customers see us looking the way we should.”

  • “I like the women's shorts because they look feminine.”

  • “The body warmer is great because it keeps your warm and allows your arms to move freely.”

  • “the base layers are a fantastic addition to the range.”

"I think it is really important that our uniforms look great for customers and feel good for our colleagues, because if you want to win, you need to look like you are winning! We are on the doorstep, delivering that great trust, and I actually think how we look is a real positive element of giving the customers the feelings that we really want them to have about us. We are winners and now we’re definitely going to look like winners. Our customers will notice and this will definitely, definitely help that trust on the doorstep."

Simon Thompson RM CEO-1

Timeline and Key Activities


Royal Mail Group launched a competitive tender in 2018 for the supply of their workwear, footwear, hi-visibility clothing and PPE across their 3 brands; Royal Mail, Parcelforce and PFS.

In October 2019, Dimensions were successful in the tender process, and were awarded the contract.

Wearer Trial

The wearer trial was launched and ran for 3 months in 2021 with 347 participants, in 42 offices, and covered all functions and roles across the business including delivery, drivers, specialist services, fleet and mail centre engineers. The trial was a huge success with positive feedback from the wearers. 


We captured orders in 2021 and the delivery rollout started in April 2022.

2023 will see all uniform-wearing colleagues kitted out in the new performance wardrobe attire - that's 122,000 RM colleagues!